3 best baseball training programs

Like anything worth doing in life, being a good baseball player involves a lot of hard work. Is ‘good’ not good enough for you and are you not willing to settle for anything less than greatness? Be prepared to sweat your behind off while making quite a few sacrifices on the road to success.

Most of us can’t afford to work with awesome baseball coaches nor do we have the time to participate in lengthy camps and training programs that would force us to temporarily abandon our professional and personal lives. No need to worry, though, as there are alternatives that let you manage your time effectively while still acquiring some impressive field skills to show off. Here are 3 of the best training programs to up your game at your own pace.

Baseball Training Programs

Baseball Strategies – The Top 100 Ways To Improve Your Baseball Game by Ace McCloud: Really, how can you not trust someone named Ace when it comes to becoming a great baseball player? In all seriousness, The Top 100 Ways is a terrific baseball program that focuses on virtually every aspect of becoming good at baseball and staying that way. Anyone who follows sports knows that it takes a lot more than technique or talent to get to the top – to become an athlete, you’ll need to stick to proper nutrition, practice as regularly as time allows and train your mind just as much as your body. McCloud’s book covers all this and more, catering to different positions and different types of individuals equally – whether you’re more interested in becoming a fearsome pitcher or a flashy batter, 100 Ways will have you covered and then some.

The Mental Game of Baseball by H.A. Dorfman: Part of what makes baseball such a great sport is the possibility of making it without having amazing physical gifts. While in other sports you might have to be a mountain of a man or have near-unlimited endurance to make it to the top, baseball focuses more on perfect timing, speed and technique, all of which are governed in good part by the mind. Dorfman’s program ignores the physical aspect of baseball and instead aims to train your mind so that you can think the same way an MLB batter or pitcher thinks – no excuses, no quitting and a drive for days. Featuring field reports from some of the sport’s foremost figures as well as practical advice that you can apply as soon as you find yourself holding a ball again, The Mental Game takes an oft-neglected aspect of baseball greatness and tackles it without fear or reservations.

The Baseball Drill Book by the American Baseball Coaches Association: With all that said, you still can’t will yourself to become a great player, can you? No, you’ll have to practice a whole lot in-between repeating the mantra of success. To help you with that, ABCA released a comprehensive book of drills that aims to instill all of the most necessary techniques in you through one tactic we all know and hate: repetition. The drills in this book go from easy to grueling, but each of them serves a purpose – if you can stick with the program and practice as often as necessary, you’ll find yourself improving in leaps and bounds in a relatively short amount of time. Keep at it for a while, and who knows – we might watch you hit that home run on national TV in the not-so-distant future.