4 great baseball summer training camps in the United States

If you can set aside the time, there aren’t many ways to get better at baseball that are more efficient than a summer training camp. Simply put, you’ll be living and breathing baseball for the duration of the camp whether you like it or not – no quitting, no missed practices and no indulging in activities that hurt your game.

There are quite a few camps spread throughout our great nation and each of them promises great things for your casual or professional baseball career – to help you get the most for your time and money, here are 4 that might transform you from a rookie to a star over the course of a single summer.

 Baseball Summer Training Camps

IMG Academy in Florida: A place for all ages and skill levels, IMG Academy features multiple summer training camps to choose from depending on your needs: from a two-week camp for youngsters to a five-week full-course training schedule, IMG has what it takes to shape you into the best player you can possibly be. Here, you’ll train your body as well as your mind through drills, practices, live games, studying of strategy and everything else a player needs to improve. If you can afford it, IMG is sure to skyrocket your game in a relatively small amount of time.

Longhorn Baseball Camp: Over the years, the University of Texas has given birth to some amazing MLB players thanks to the campus’ high-level baseball training facility. If you’re fortunate enough to be part of one of the nation’s proudest universities, participating in any of the summer camps here will put your skills and mental fortitude to the test and will provide you with a detailed assessment of where you stand and how you can improve. That being said, the daily fee is fairly high, so you’d better be sure that baseball is your true passion before registering.

Under Armour Baseball Factory: Do you think you or a youngster in your family could make it to the Major Leagues with the right coaching? If so, give the Baseball Factory camps a serious consideration. The programs are geared towards those harboring some baseball potential already – you’ll first have to participate in a tryout where your skills will be evaluated before you can get accepted into a full course. If you have what it takes and receive an invitation, your game will go up with each passing day and you’ll enjoy rubbing shoulders with people who might very well reach the very top of the game some day.

Ripken Camps: The Ripken family are youth baseball specialists – any parent hoping that their son makes it big in baseball should seriously consider running him through one of the Ripken programs. Ripken summer camps focus on improving every aspect of the game and offer serious coaching for ages as young as 8 and onwards – there aren’t many better ways to improve a youngster’s chances of having a career in baseball. Aside from some of the best coaches in the biz and a great training facility, the camp also boasts a decent ratio of instructors to campers that will ensure every kid gets plenty of personalized instruction.