Top rated baseball pitching programs

Most baseball fans who aren’t obsessed with swinging a bat found themselves wondering time and time again what makes a great pitcher. Why do some pitchers’ balls always reach the glove while others get batted out seemingly every time? Is it physical ability, eye-to-hand coordination or God-given talent?

In truth, being a good pitcher involves a combination of all of those traits but also more practice than most are willing to put in – if you want to be a pro pitcher, you better enjoy throwing a ball over and over again until your hand can act as a substitute for a ball launcher.

To help you practice and reduce the time spent on the road to becoming an all-time pitching great, here are some great programs that tell you how to throw a ball very fast and with extreme accuracy.

Baseball Pitching Programs

10 Essential Baseball Pitching Drills by Nicolas Foate: Improving your pitching significantly for less than $4? Sign us up! In his book, Foate outlines the ten most essential drills one should practice to go from amateur to… well, an amateur with a great pitch. His drills focus on developing everything that makes a good pitch, from velocity to accuracy – perhaps more importantly, though, Foate never fills you with false hopes of avoiding hard work to get to where you want to be. This pitching-oriented site provides three different programs that are meant to double or triple your pitching prowess in a short amount of time. Top Velocity is like a perfect combination of flair and grit: it promises astounding results that will turn you into an “elite level” or even MLB pitcher while still reminding you that there’ll be plenty of work in-between. The program promises major (get it? Major League Baseball?) results in 16 weeks while swearing that their method differs from the norm – at any rate, they’re worth checking out if you feel your pitching has hit a slump.

How to Pitch by Steven Adler: Need something a little more beginner-friendly? How to Pitch approaches the art of pitching from a beginner’s standpoint – if you can’t even get your ball to fly in the desired direction, this is a great program to check out. The small-but-informative guidebook is useful to both coaches and players of any age or even skill. That’s right – even those who consider themselves good pitchers might raise an eyebrow or two while brushing up on Adler’s basics.

So What, Next Pitch! by Brian Cain: Cain’s tome is everything that How to Pitch is not: instead of focusing on the fundamentals, So What, Next Pitch! explores some of the more abstract parts of being a top-level athlete by interviewing various stars of the sports and examining their methods and approach. This program focuses heavily on the mental aspect of being a pitcher with a high degree of success – there’s quite a few coaches and even athletes out there who would argue that your mental game is a lot more important than the fast-twitch fibers in your muscles, so you should definitely give this program a try even if you don’t consider yourself a ponderous pitcher.